How many of us woke up this morning and made a plan with our kids for who would pick them up in case we got detained and deported before 3PM carpool?

How many of us are skipping our daughter’s parent teacher conferences or our son’s driving test for fear officers may be waiting in these public places to arrest us?

How many of us have asked our pastor if we might be able to move our family into the church basement for a couple of months because it’s the only place federal agents won’t come?

What would you do if you knew that your neighbor, or your co-worker of 20 years, was making those decisions today?

They are. In Denver, Detroit, and Dallas, that fear is billowing like smoke under the doorway of the lives our neighbors have built here. We can debate the details of these policy questions another day when the smoke has gone and the families are safe.

Today I have a simpler call-to-action, from Atticus Finch: take the time to walk in another family’s shoes. If you don’t like the way it feels to make that emergency carpool pickup plan with your 9-year-old over breakfast tomorrow morning, then let’s work together to make Colorado safe for everyone.

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