For Immediate Release
Aug. 14, 2017


For 400 years Americans in Virginia have dedicated their lives to ripping white supremacy from the fabric of this country; those leaders had the courage to call evil by its name and lead the fight to defeat it. Our president should do the same. 

For those who have sacrificed so much, from slave blocks to civil war battlefields, from courthouse battles to state house protests, we refuse to stand quietly by and let a small band of terrorists dishonor that sacrifice by smearing our flag with hatred.

The real heroes in American history are those who fought to expand the reach of that great flag to include all of us. Those who still reject the fundamental belief that the red, white and blue is meant to protect every race, color and religion are as foreign to us as the other terrorists who have targeted innocent Americans because they cant abide our dual commitment to inclusion and freedom. These hate mongers don’t serve our flag they spit on it; they don’t come to defend our freedom but to destroy it.

These cowardly efforts are older than our country itself, and each time they have tried their case on a battlefield or in a living room our greatest Americans have routed them. This weekend was no different as a new generation of American heroes stood face to face with race hatred and absorbed the last breath of his dying lie. Your heroism has mobilized an irrepressible army of love, and we stand ready to serve.