Setting Students Up For Success

As a former teacher and principal, and a father to three kids in Denver Public Schools, Mike cares deeply about giving every student the opportunity to succeed. One of the reasons Mike ran for the state Senate was to open the doors to college to undocumented students by giving them the right to pay in-state tuition.

Mike knows the first years of life can set young people on the right track or leave them behind. That’s why he’s committed to ensuring all kids have access to preschool and full-day kindergarten.

Education in the 21st century must be lifelong. Everyone must be able to access affordable higher education. That’s why Mike will fight to ensure that all Americans willing to do service in their communities can get access to debt-free education and training throughout their lives. We must also repair and expand the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program so that no young person sacrificing for the country after school will be crushed by their debt. Mike also believes in expanding income-based repayment programs; if a hard-earned degree isn’t paying off, then the recent graduate must be given relief in paying off their debt. We also need to significantly increase and expand Pell grants for everyone, from the eighteen-year-old student enrolling in a four-year college, to the mom taking a few credits a year, to the incarcerated individuals trying to reenter society on sound footing. We all do better when students can build skills without taking on unfair debt.

Serving our students requires respecting, rewarding, and elevating our teachers. Mike supports using federal funding to help give teachers the pay and support they need and deserve. Read Mike’s priorities for increasing teachers’ pay at the link below.

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