Foreign Policy

Restoring Faith In America Among Our Allies

Donald Trump has turned away from our efforts to solve big problems. He pulled us out of the Paris Climate Agreement, turning away from allies trying to collaborate in the face of our greatest threat. He pulled out of the Iran deal and imposed sanctions that make it impossible for other nations to abide by their deal with Iran, pushing Iran to return to aggressive weapons development. Those are just two examples of how he has broken alliances and made us less safe. It’s time to rebuild.

The United States of America remains the indispensable nation on the world stage. If we’re going to solve our biggest problems, from climate change to pandemics to terror, it will be through American leadership and collaboration with the rest of the globe. Mike will fight hard to ensure the United States of America does not repeat the mistakes of the past, and sustains strong, productive alliances that reflect the great ideals of our democracy.

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