Criminal Justice

Reforming Our Criminal Justice System

Mike’s commitment to criminal justice is personal; he was a principal in a juvenile justice facility and saw firsthand how systems that are meant to be restorative for individuals and society can instead hold all of us back. He saw firsthand the overwhelming racial disparities that leave some communities gutted. He saw that we can do so much better.

Mike supports reforming our criminal justice system to focus on safety, prevention and justice.

We should prevent violent crimes, not penalize poverty. People should never be held in prison because they are poor, which is why Mike supports eliminating cash bail.

We must reduce incarceration with alternatives like drug courts, mental health courts, and other treatment pathways. And when people do go to prison, we must ensure they get job training and rehabilitation services required to best serve them, their families, and our communities and county.

No company should get rich from locking up their neighbors, which is why Mike would work to abolish for-profit prisons in the Senate.

Mike also supports eliminating the death penalty. Killing one another, even for heinous acts, is cruel and unusual and should not be a part of our American system of justice.

Our criminal justice system extends beyond the walls of our prisons; Mike supports increasing community policing, programs to recruit officers who better reflect communities, and ensuring police officers who abuse their role in society are brought to justice.

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