Infrastructure & Housing

Rebuilding Our Infrastructure and Expanding Access to Affordable Housing

Driving around Colorado, you can see the toll that decades of neglect of basic infrastructure needs has had on local communities. Our roads and bridges are crumbling. Our sewer systems and waterways and public transit systems aren’t up to the task. And public housing and schools have also paid a price.

Donald Trump has failed to live up to his campaign promise to invest in our nation’s infrastructure and Cory Gardner has taken no real action to hold him accountable for it. In the Senate, Mike will support significant federal investment in our nation’s infrastructure, so cash-strapped cities and towns have the aid they need to invest in local projects and make repairs.

Mike understands that as part of any infrastructure investment, we must also address the housing crisis we have in this country. Because too many cannot afford housing, Mike supports programs that put more dollars in the pockets of average Americans so they can pay for housing. He also supports using federal dollars to create more affordable housing units and leveraging federal programs to incentivize states and cities to build more affordable housing. He also supports using underutilized federal property for the construction of affordable housing.

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