A Fair Shot For Colorado Families & A Fair Workplace

Mike wants all Colorado families to bring home a living wage that allows them to take care of their family, comfortably meet their monthly needs like rent and groceries, and retire with dignity. That means we need employers and public policy that reward hard work and lift up working families. Yet too many haven’t received a pay raise in years, even as our economy has grown. Mike supports a $15 minimum wage and strong overtime protections for all workers.

Instead of providing long-term tax relief for the families that need it most, the Republican tax bill championed by Cory Gardner was a $1.5 trillion giveaway to big corporations and the wealthiest Americans that will saddle our children with debt. In the Senate, Mike will work to fix the tax system to provide a break for working families and ensure the wealthiest Americans and big corporations pay their fair share.

In addition to a fairer tax system, all workers deserve to be valued at work. That means lifting wages and ensuring that women and people of color receive equal pay for equal work.

Mike also believes nobody should have to miss a child’s first weeks or an aging parent’s final days, which is why he would champion progressive family leave and sick policy in the U.S. Senate. Mike knows how important comprehensive childcare is and will fight to expand support for all families.

Workers must also have a voice in their workplace, and Mike supports strengthening our unions and protecting employees’ rights to organize and collectively bargain for better wages and protections at work.

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