Mike Johnston Campaign Releases Plan for Affordable Health Care and Healthy Communities

January 25, 2018

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Denver – Today, gubernatorial candidate Mike Johnston laid out his plan for creating an affordable and accessible health care system across the state of Colorado. The health care debate has been a national topic for many years, but since Colorado has one of the most expensive insurance markets in the country, with more than half of the counties experiencing a health provider shortage, it’s especially pertinent on the state level.

“My plan will make sure everyone has access to high quality health insurance and care,” Sen. Johnston stated during the release of his plan. “It will reduce health care costs, increase access – especially to mental and behavioral health support, and invest in prevention so that we aren’t just treating illness, but actually making people and communities healthier. With Colorado’s innovative spirit and collective commitment to rising to these challenges, we can be the healthiest state in the nation.” Johnston’s campaign laid out a five-part policy:

  • Launch a Public Option: If an individual can’t find a plan on the exchange with premiums less than 10% of their income, they’ll be eligible to buy-into a Medicaid public option. This will guarantee that every individual has an affordable option available, at no added cost to the state.
  • Cover ALL Children in Colorado: Expand CHIP to cover every single income-eligible child. Colorado must fight not only to protect the program, but to expand it. The state will expand coverage to all income-eligible children and pregnant women, regardless of immigration status.
  • Increase Transparency with Health Care Costs: We will make the costs of common procedures and prescription drugs more transparent, and use that data to help shift our system to one that prioritizes value, not volume.
  • Face the Mental and Behavioral Crisis Head On: We will bring badly needed doctors to all parts of the state, expand telemedicine, and ensure that every person suffering from opioid addiction receives the best treatment available.
  • Invest in Prevention: We will work upstream to not only treat illness, but make people and communities fundamentally healthier. We will protect access to contraception, while making progress against persistent issues like tobacco and obesity that make our communities sick, and make our system so expensive in the first place.

Together, this package of policies puts downward pressure on costs, increases access to needed care, shifts our system to prioritize value, and makes long term investments that will pay dividends for decades. Simply put, these investments are right for our state, right for our families, and right for our economy.

The complete plan, including a breakdown of costs, is now available at

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