Johnston Leads the Way on Gun Safety and Education in First Debate

April 12, 2018

April 11, 2018
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Johnston Leads the Way on Gun Safety and Education in First Debate

Denver, CO — In tonight’s debate — the first of the gubernatorial primary — Mike Johnston clearly positioned himself as the Governor Colorado needs right now: a leader who has taken on our state’s toughest problems and worked across divides to solve them.

Johnston’s track record of leadership on gun safety and education stood out amongst the many important issues raised by 9NEWS moderators Kyle Clark and Brandon Rittiman on Wednesday night.

As a State Senator in the aftermath of the Aurora Theater shooting, Johnston acted quickly, leading the charge to ban high-capacity magazines and implement universal background checks despite fierce opposition from the NRA.

“As a lifelong gun owner, I’ve never known someone who needed a 100-round magazine to hunt an elk. That’s why I’m proud to have fought the NRA and won on magazine size limits and background checks for every gun purchase across the state,” Johnston said. “I’ve never been afraid of the NRA.”

As Governor, Johnston will work to pass the final two of planks of his #4NoMore plan for no more mass shootings by banning bump stocks and creating gun violence restraining orders.

Johnston’s leadership at all levels of the education system also shined through as the candidates addressed questions on school funding and teacher compensation. He is the only candidate in this race to have served as a public school teacher and principal and would be the first Governor to bring that experience to the highest office in Colorado.

Last week, the Johnston campaign launched an education policy that focuses first and foremost on equity, which distinguishes his plan from those of his opponents.

“We need to start early and serve everyone,” he declared during the debate. “We need to make Colorado the best state in the country to be a teacher. We need to reinvent higher education to meet the needs of a future economy. And we need to go to the ballot and repeal the worst parts of TABOR to do it.”

With 75 days until the primary, and his place on the ballot secured through a historic petitioning effort, Johnston stepped off the debate stage as the leader in this highly competitive race.


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