Gov. Dick Lamm Endorses Mike Johnston, Democratic Candidate for Governor

February 10, 2018

For Immediate Release

Contact: Grace Hanover, 720-218-1844

Denver – Dick Lamm, the three-term Democratic governor who fought to protect Colorado’s unique environment while presiding over unprecedented economic expansion, on Tuesday endorsed Mike Johnston as the Democrat most capable of continuing the state’s legacy of thoughtful growth paired with protection of natural resources and advancement of public education. Johnston is now the only candidate in the race to have the endorsement of a former Governor of Colorado.

“I have never seen a candidate with more promise. Not one!” Gov. Lamm said. “Mike has brains, dedication and the skills to make a lasting impression on Colorado and the nation. Mike is in politics for all the right reasons.”

“I enthusiastically endorse Mike Johnston for Governor,” Lamm continued, saying “Mike has the rare ability to move people to action. We nod and agree with many politicians but with Mike Johnston we say ‘Let Us March!’  He is truly inspiring. We have the chance to elect an inspiring, dynamic, motivated Governor.”

Johnston, who has set a string of fundraising records while attracting thousands of volunteers to his campaign across the state, welcomed the endorsement.

“It is humbling to be endorsed by a visionary who did so much for Colorado, and who worked particularly hard to protect our environment and women’s health,” Johnston said. “I will work hard to carry on the legacy of public service and follow many of the examples Gov. Lamm set.”

Lamm served from 1975 to 1987 as the 38th Governor of Colorado. Prior to being elected Governor, Lamm was a State Representative and a professor at the University of Denver. Pioneering the modern-day grassroots campaign by walking the state during his first election, Lamm is tied with Roy Romer for the distinction as the longest serving governors in Colorado History.


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