Johnston Campaign Launches Education Plan To “Change the Future” for Every Child in Colorado

April 5, 2018

April 5, 2018
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Johnston Campaign Launches Education Plan To “Change the Future” for Every Child in Colorado

Denver, CO – Today, Democratic candidate for Governor Mike Johnston laid out his forward-looking education policy: Reaching the Summit: A World-Class Education for Every Child. The plan is designed to ensure every child in Colorado receives access to an early start at school, instruction from the best teachers, and skills for the jobs of the future. Achieving this goal starts with repealing the worst parts of TABOR so we can adequately and equitably fund our education system.

Johnston’s plan has four key parts:

1. Repeal the Worst Parts of TABOR So We Can Invest in Our Schools

  • “De-Bruce” TABOR, so the state can keep the funds it raises through voter-approved taxes, and use them to invest in these key programs.

2. Give Every Colorado Child an Early Start

  • Provide free full-day kindergarten to every child statewide.
  • Eliminate the preschool waitlist to make sure every child who needs it can get access to high quality preschool.

3. Make Colorado the Best State to be a Teacher

  • Pay teachers like the professionals that they are. The most important reason to repeal the worst parts of TABOR is to pay teachers the salary they deserve.
  • Provide loan forgiveness and home ownership supports to attract and retain great teachers in our hardest to serve rural and urban communities.
  • Create career pathways that give teachers more leadership, responsibility, voice and compensation.
  • Recruit a more diverse corps of teachers by focusing on attracting talented leaders of color at every stage of life from high-school to mid-career changers.


4. Offer Every Student the Skills They Need for the Jobs of the Future

  • Make higher education affordable, accessible, and meaningful with the Colorado Promise.
  • Expand career and technical education opportunities. I will invest in expanding CTE in K12 and higher education alike and invest in expanding apprenticeship models.
  • Provide computer science education to every student. I will work with all districts to make computer science accessible to every student.
  • Expand summer and after school opportunities. I will launch a new initiative to ensure that every low-income student can catch up or keep up with access to high quality after school and summer school programming.

Johnston’s plan has also been endorsed by two U.S. Secretaries of Education:

“Mike Johnston is one of the most innovative and exciting education policy thinkers and leaders in America. His record of driving success for kids — from the classroom to state and national policy — can’t be beat. His blueprint is the plan we need in Colorado and across this country.”

Dick Riley, U.S. Secretary of Education under President Bill Clinton

“Enacting Mike Johnston’s education policy would change the future for the kids of Colorado. We need these bold ideas and investments if we’re going to deliver for the next generation. Mike’s life of service as a teacher, principal, and transformative State Senator has prepared him to lead this change.”

Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education under President Barack Obama

If elected, Johnston would be the first public school teacher and principal to serve as Governor of Colorado. He is the only candidate in this race who has worked in the education system at all levels: as a public school teacher and principal, as a senior adviser to President Obama and as a state legislator. In each of these roles, Mike has focused on one simple goal: giving every child in Colorado, and across the country, the world-class education she or he deserves.


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