To: Jeff Sessions
Office of the Attorney General
950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington DC, 90530

From: Mike Johnston
5405 E. 33rd St.
Denver, CO, 80207

General Sessions,

Recently, you received a letter from 10 state attorneys general asking you to review, and reject, the protections offered by the federal program known as DACA. That program currently protects 750,000 of our neighbors from deportation, allowing them to live in the light, not the shadows, and contribute to our economy.

Those 750,000 people did not violate our borders willingly. They were brought here as children. Since arriving, they have attended school, found jobs and become part of our nation’s fabric. This is their home. I know this because many of them have been my students and I, and countless other educators, have helped guide them through their American journey.

Respectfully, cancelling DACA to threaten those folks with deportation would be beyond cruel, it would also be nonsensical. Non-partisan think tanks estimate employers would incur $3.4 billion in immediate costs to terminate workers and embark on new hiring programs, while the long-term economic damage would be even worse. It is estimated that, over a decade, the nation’s GDP would take $433 billion hit, and the nation would lose more than $24 billion in social security and medicare contributions from individuals who now pay into the system, without any expectation of eventually getting benefits themselves.

For all these reasons and more, I implore you to remove this uncertainty for hundreds and thousands of our neighbors and recommend that DACA be continued and extended.


Mike Johnston