“Mike Johnston culminated his second term as a senator to the Colorado Assembly in January 2017. He immediately started off with his new project. This young and experienced politician wants to become the Democrat nominee to become governor of Colorado. “I spent the last seven years in the Colorado Senate. I used to be director of a school in Thornton. And for some years now I own a small hotel that my parents created in Eagle County, where I was born, “he said.

Johnston believes that his experience as an entrepreneur, educator and politician qualifies him to be the best candidate for the Democratic nomination to be governor. “I speak to democrats and non-affiliated voters. To those who dwell in the city and in the country. ” Johnson wants to launch a program so that adults can re-educate themselves so they can stay active in the new economy that is developing. “We propose a training program, for two years, for adults, and that can be paid with voluntary service for the state,” he explained.”