Let me tell you about a kid named Chancellor. He’s 6 years old, and hungry. Now Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump want to take away his after-school snack, and maybe even his health care.

Chancellor is one of the kids who regularly visits an after-school homework club that shares my community office in Park Hill. The kids come in, get a little something to eat and some adult supervision, and then work on their homework until they can be picked up.

For now, the federal government subsidizes the apple, carrots, chips, and milk they get each day – but in the education budget proposed by Betsy DeVos, that subsidy disappears. She believe these programs aren’t beneficial – likely because she doesn’t know kids like Chancellor.

President Trump wants to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy by also eliminating the CHIP program, which kids like Chancellor rely on for health care.

Neither the president nor his education secretary have ever met Chancellor or any of the other kids I see each day. They don’t know about Park Hill, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, the San Luis Valley, or any of the people on the Eastern Plains and Western Slope who, even in Colorado’s robust economy, are still struggling to make ends meet.

But I do. I taught them in the classroom. I was principal of their schools. I see them every day in my office. And it is because of them that I will fight each day as governor to preserve the safety net Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos would shred to pieces.

Add your name here if you agree we need to stand up for Chancellor and every other kid who counts on our safety net.