More than 200 of Denver’s young professionals joined Mike on the 14th floor at Platform at Union Station apartments last night where they enthusiastically embraced his call for a more inclusive, more compassionate and forward-looking Colorado.

The event, in a clubhouse overlooking Union Station, drew from a wide swath of Denver’s tech, education and real estate communities. Attendees dined on hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine before Mike delivered his message that Colorado has a chance to lead the rest of the nation in building a thriving, inclusive economy, while fully funding our K-12 education system and giving college students and older residents seeking new job training a chance to get a break on tuition in exchange for service to the state through his “Colorado Promise.”

“We’re in a moment now where if the rest of the country is gonna send a message of profound exclusion, we have a chance to say, ‘that’s not who we are,’” Johnston told the crowd. “And all the folks who feel differently, believe differently and want to build something differently, stay in Colorado and build it and let us show the country what is still possible.”