Since launching his campaign, Mike has traveled across Colorado staying with families to learn more about the issues that matter most to Coloradans.

Meet Deserai and Jason Crow.

Deserai, an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Denver and Boulder, teaches environmental policy. As a native of Colorado, Deserai has been focused on environmental issues, economic opportunity, the influence of money in redistricting, and the health of the political process. She’s supporting Mike because of his unique and bold brand of progressive leadership.

“Mike represents the best of the new generation of progressive leaders. He has never been afraid to think big, take on entrenched interests, and fight for the underrepresented. His campaign brings energy, passion, and a new vision to the Colorado governor’s race.” –Deserai Crow

Jason, a Denver attorney, assists clients with internal investigations and litigation matters. He previously served as a Captain in the U.S. Army Infantry where he served three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with both conventional and special operations units. Since leaving the military, Jason has advised state and federal officials on national security, military, and veterans issues.

“We need new leadership and a new vision for Colorado. I firmly believe Mike can deliver that for us.” –Jason Crow